• July 10, 2021

It Leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers who have a problem don’t want to be put on hold with long wait times or bounced from agent to agent. They want the person they’re speaking with to address their concerns. Empowered employees can take care of customer issues without asking others for help. The quicker a customer service rep can resolve a customer issue, the happier that customer is going to be.

If the rep leaves the customer on hold while they ask their superiors what to do or the customer keeps getting passed off to someone else, the customer will probably leave the encounter far from satisfied and take their business elsewhere. A skilled and empowered service rep, on the other hand, could turn an angry customer into a happy one who would be glad to continue giving you their business.

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It boosts employee retention. When your employees feel empowered, they are more likely to stay with your company. A LinkedIn study found that there is a 47% chance of employers holding on to employees who feel they have influence in the workplace for longer than three years. Companies viewed as less empowering only have a 35% chance of employees sticking with them for longer than three years. High employee turnover often looks bad to customers, especially ones who speak to your customer service team often and have built relationships with them.

Did you Know? Empowerment of your customer service team can result in a number of benefits, including higher customer satisfaction and employee retention.

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